A Study on abdominal pain with patients suffering with dengue fever with surgical presentations

Author : B. Visweswara Rao, G. V. Ramana, K. Sridhar

To ascertain different etiologies for abdominal pain in dengue fever with their respective incidence and their management. Patients admitted with dengue fever (confirmed by ELISA or NS1Ag) with pain abdomen in our hospital were included in the study. The cause of pain abdomen ascertained clinically and by following tests: Pancreatitis - amylase, lipase, USG, CECT, Hepatitis - liver function test, Hollow viscous perforation Erect -X-ray abdomen, Cholecystitis USG, Appendicitis TLC, USG. Out of total cases (n=214) included into the study features of a calculous cholecystitis were seen in 122 (58 %) patients, pancreatitis in 24 (11.5 %), appendicitis in 4 (1.9 %), hepatitis: 27 (12.9 %) non-specific in 33 (15.7 %) patients. All of the patients were managed conservatively and regularly followed up till they became asymptomatic. None of the patients required any surgical intervention. All the patients responded well to conservative line of management and were discharged. Abdominal pain developing in dengue patients mimics many of surgical emergencies like cholecystitis, appendicitis, hepatitis and pancreatitis. Most of these patients respond well to conservative line of management with I.V fluids, antibiotics, analgesics without the need for any surgical intervention. Hastily taken decisions with operative management for such patients has led to serious consequences in the past. Our study supports conservative line of management in such scenarios and advocates avoidance of surgical option. Our study also throws light on the various modes of presentations, with their respective percentages.

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