A Study on levels of Adenosine Deaminase and Sialic Acid in Alcoholic Liver Disease

Author : D. Santha Rao

Even though Alcoholic liver disease (ALD) is common disease in India, there are only limited reports about adenosine deaminase activity and no reports about protein bound sialic acid in these cases. The present study was designed to evaluate adenosine deaminase activity and protein bound sialic acid levels in patients with alcoholic liver disease50 alcohol liver disease patients grouped in to three cases groups [Fatty liver (n=18), alcoholic hepatitis (n=19) and cirrhosis (n=13)] and 50 controls were enrolled in the study. Adenosine deaminase, protein bound sialic acid and liver function test parameters were analyzed in both the groups. Adenosine deaminase and protein bound sialic acid were significantly increased in alcohol liver disease cases compared to controls. Both adenosine deaminase and protein bound sialic acid were higher in alcoholic hepatitis and cirrhosis group compared to fatty liver group and controls. To conclude, the present study demonstrates increased adenosine deaminase and protein bound.

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