A Survey on the Knowledge, Attitude, and Practices about anti-biotic resistance among general practitioners of Northern India

Author : Sanjay Khanna, Pratap Shankar, Dheeraj Kumar Singh, Sachin Tutu, Preet Lakhani, Rakesh Kumar Dixit

The aim of the present study is to conduct a survey on the Knowledge, Attitude, and Practices about antimicrobial resistance among general practitioners of Northern India. This study was a questionnaire based cross sectional survey which was undertaken among general practitioners of Northern India. The questionnaire was distributed to 200 general practitioners of Northern India. Their KAP regarding antibiotic use and resistance was assessed. All the participants (100%) in the survey were aware that indiscriminate antimicrobial use leads to the emergence of the growing problem of resistance. Out of study participants, 99% were aware that antibiotic resistance is an important and serious global public health issue. 90% of the participants believed that antibiotics should not be taken on developing a cold. 78.5% participants believed that skipping few doses can contribute to the development of resistance. 94% of the doctors suggested completing the full course of the treatment. Regarding question about checking the rationality of antibiotics before prescribing them, 79% said yes they do it always, 11% said sometimes and 10 % said seldom. Only 17 % said that they ask their patients to check the expiry date before using an antibiotic. Our survey revealed that most of general practitioners were aware of the antimicrobial resistance and its consequences. Their knowledge and attitude was quite satisfactory but they were lagging on the few aspects of practices regarding antibiotic resistance. Further interventions are necessary to improve this condition as well as for developing awareness among general population.

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