A review on manufacturing and evaluation of capsules

Author : S. Gousia Begum, Y. Hasmitha, U. Girija Reddy, M. Deepa, K. Supraveena Reddy and R. Susmitha

Capsules are among the most popular of all dosage forms they are chemically and physically stable, easy to administer, attractive and can be easily compounded. They can be easily tailored to make the needs of individual patients regarding dosing ingredients etc., also, more than one drug can be incorporated in each capsule to minimise the no: of dosage forms the patient must take. Special capsules can be prepared outside the norm of containing only powders. Capsule is most preferable dosage form. Till now gelatine is widely used as capsule shell material for the preparation of hard gelatine capsule and soft gelatine capsule, but due to its animal origin and cross linking property other capsule material that meets the dietary and cultural needs of vegetarian patients and also comply with the regulatory requirement of gelatin need to be invented hence various no animal origin materials such as hydroxyl propyl methyl cellulose, starch, poly vinyl alcohol copolymer etc.. and evaluate as a capsule shell material.

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