A review on nanoneedle- A smart nanovector for drug delivery

Author : B.S. Wakure, N.M. Bhatia

Nanotechnology has become one of the important applicant in biology through the provision of latest nanotechnology tools to probe and manipulate biological processes at the nanoscale (~1 to100 nm), which is the length scale where many fundamental biological processes occur. One-dimensional nanomaterial, such as nanotubes and nanowires, have been used as intracellular biosensors, delivery carriers, and imaging agents. The nanoneedle-based drug delivery provides new possibilities for efficient, specific, and precise introduction of biomolecules into living cells for high-resolution studies of biological processes and it has potential application in solving broad biological complications. The delivery of biomolecules into living cells could provide by a nanoneedle-based delivery system with high spatiotemporal resolution, minimal intrusion and damage. The nanoneedles can act as a carrier for cargo molecules such as peptides, protein, nucleic acids, and drugs. This review provide insight into all nanostructured materials (NSM) and major emphasis set on nanoneedles as a nascent drug delivery vehicle and as a probe to manipulate cellular processes.

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