A study of complications on thyroidectomy

Author : G Rahul Kumar Reddy, G Someswara Rao

Introduction: In the current era Thyroid surgeries are the most common endocrine surgeries. This procedure has been through tremendous evolution to make it a safe procedure. In spite of improved techniques, every thyroid surgeon has come across complications associated with this surgery. This study aims to understand various complications after thyroid surgeries and the factors responsible for complications and discuss management techniques for those complications in brief. Materials and Methods: 50 patients admitted in our hospital for various thyroid surgeries were followed up from pre-operative evaluation to post-operative period for appearance of complications. Those with postoperative complications were followed up and managed. Results: 12% patients had transient hypoparathyroidism, 2% had permanent hypoparathyroidism, 4% had temporary RLN palsy and 2% had permanent RLN Palsy. Other rare complications were Superior laryngeal nerve palsy, hematoma, and wound infection. Conclusion: In our study, temporary hypoparathyroidism was the most common complication (12% of the patients operated). Improved surgical techniques during thyroid surgery and efficient methods of complication management have reduced the postoperative morbidity and mortality. In spite of all measures, keen observation in postoperative period is important to look for complications for early intervention

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