A study on in-vitro antimicrobial activity of Pure Milky Latex of Calotropis Procera

Author : Dr. P. Durai Rajan, Dr. G. Sumathi and Dr. Sowmya Nasimuddin

Different plants are used as medicinal purposes for long time. The folk and traditional medicinal system uses the plant material for the treatment of various diseases. It has been proved that plants are one of the major sources of drug discovery and development. Plants are reported to have anticancer, antimicrobial, anti diabetic, anti inflammation, antioxidant properties. Calotropis procera found in subtropical Asia and tropical Africa. Traditional doctors in West Africa have successfully used it for bronchitis, pain, asthma and tumors. The plant is also known for its toxic properties that included dermatitis, iridocyclites and acts like a poison and produces lethal effects. The latex of Calotropis procera extract is easily available and is used in medicine for treatment of many diseases. It is used as wound healing agent, anti – diarrheas, anti inflammatory, and anti – rheumatism agent. It is also used against malaria and skin infection. The milk latex and flowers were considered to improve digestion, Cataract and increases appetite.

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