A study on nutritional status and socio-economic determinants in school going children in Kumarapalayam, Tamil Nadu

Author : Shanmuga Sundaram Rajagopal, Jomy Jacob and Jose Mathew

The objective of the study is to identify socio-economic status and nutritional status in children, the causes of malnutrition and to assess the economic category prone to nutritional deficiency. A prospective observational study was conducted in Schools and community in and around Kumarapalayam, Tamil Nadu in which 504 peoples were analysed for nutritional status during period of 6 months from January to June 2018. It was found that 154 children have no vitamin deficiency symptoms and 114 children have vitamin D deficiency symptoms. In the prevalence of non-stunted children are 271, moderate stunting are 168 and severe stunting is 65 children. In 292 children were found to have normal weight, 146 were found to be underweight and 66 were severely underweight. In 443 children were found to have no wasting, moderate wasting is found in 44 children and severe wasting is found in 17 children. In this study, it was found that children with high economic status has less nutritional status, the calcium deficiencies is high due to adequate consumption of milk and vitamin deficiency symptoms are more prone which can be improved by proper counselling and awareness about food habits.

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