Advanced studies on leptin and some biochemical parameters in lactating Buffaloes

Author : Ibrahim F. Hassan, Khaled A. Kahilo, Madeha M. Ateia, Azza M. EL-kattawy and Sabreen Ezzat Fadl

The present work was designed to clarify the relationship between leptin, body weight and their metabolic effects in blood and milk of lactating buffaloes through determination of daily milk yield and some biochemical parameters.Biochemical parameters chosen were: serum and milk leptin, serum and milk Prolactin, serum insulin, serum insulin growth factor-I, serum T3 and serum and milk immunoglobulins (IgG, IgM and IgA). The results showed that, Serum leptin exhibited significant positive correlation with IgG and IgA and positive correlation but not significant with insulin, IGF-1 and IgM. Moreover, there was a negative correlation but not significant with body weight, Prolactin and T3. Whereas milk leptin showed a high significant positive correlation with IgG, IgM and IgA. This positive correlation was not significant with body weight and Prolactin and negatively correlated and not significant with daily milk yield. So milk leptin have a very important role as an immunostimulant. Owing to the important role of leptin as an immunostimulant we advice buffalo cows breeders to Provide balanced rations at the prepartum and postpartum periods for opposing the immunosuppressive effect induced by starvation and Provide milk at postpartum period for suckling of newly borne calves as a mean for transferring passive immunity.

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