Anti-inflammatory and analgesic activity of methanolic bark extracts of Zanthoxylum Armatum

Author : Arun Satyadev Siddhanadham, Raj Kumar Prava, Buddha Buvana Alekya, Vamsi Krishna pujala, Harshita Tadaka, Sowmya Mantha

A comprehensive study on the phytochemical contents and biological activities of different extracts from bark of Zanthoxylum armatum was studied. The extracts of the bark parts contained various levels of phenols, flavonoids and saponins. Present research work mainly focus on analgesic and antiinflammatory efficacy of methanolic bark extract of Zanthoxylum armatum belongs to the family Rutaceae. The analgesic activity was tested in albino mice by giving oral doses of 100, 200 and 300 mg/kg body weight using tail immersion method, acetic acid induced writhing and formalin induced analgesic effect. The outcome of the analgesic activity showed significant and dose dependent analgesic effect (P<0.001). The brink was found to be 60 min after treatment with 100, 200, and 300 mg/kg of the methanolic root extract. The activity produced by the extract was significantly lower than the standard drug used (Diclofenac sodium). The dose of the standard drug used is 100 mg/kg. The results clearly states that methanolic extracts showed delayed response towards thermally induced pain, decreased acetic-acid induced writhing and also showed significant inhibition in both the phases of formalin induced pain test. The analgesic activity of the extracts can be attributed to their central and peripherally mediated secondary messengers in the management of pain. The phytochemical constituents present in the bark extract may contribute for the analgesic activity. The results finally support the herbal remedies over the conventional dosages in the management of pain.

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