Application of nanotechnology in agriculture and food science

Author : Aftab Alam, Ismat Fatima Rizvi, Usman Sayeed, M. Kalim A. Khan, Salman Akhtar, Alvina Farooqui and Mohd. Haris Siddiqui

Nanotechnology is a standout amongst the most imperative tool in modern agriculture, and agri-food nanotechnology is anticipated to become driving monetary power in near future. Agri-food topics concentrate on maintainability and assurance of agronomically created nourishments, including products for human utilization and animal feeding. Nanotechnology gives new agrochemical specialists and new conveyance systems to enhance crop efficiency, and it guarantees to lessen pesticide use. Nanotechnology can increse agricultural production, and its applications include: 1) nanoformulations of agrochemicals for applying pesticides and manures for harvest change; 2) the use of nanosensors/nanobiosensors in yield assurance for the ID of sicknesses and buildups of agrochemicals; 3) nanodevices for the hereditary control of plants; 4) plant disease detection; 5) animal wellbeing, animal reproducing, poultry production; and 6) post-harvest administration. Nanotechnology uses nanoparticle mediated gene or DNA transfer in plants for the advancement of insect-resistant varieties, food production, nanofeed added substances, and expanded time span of usability of the generated or produced item. Nanotechnology guarantees to quicken the advancement of biomass-to-fuels production innovations. Researchers feel that the potential advantages of nanotechnology for farming, food, fisheries, and aquaculture should be adjusted against attentiveness toward the dirt, water, and environment and the health of workers. Bringing issues to light of nanotechnology in the agri-food area, including food and food fixings, smart packaging systems , is one of the keys to influencing consumer acceptance. The rise of nanotechnology improvements utilizing nanodevices/nanomaterials opens up potential novel applications in agriculture and food division. Smart delivery systems, biosensors and nanoarrays are being intended to take care of the issue confronted in agriculture sector. Additionally food sector is likewise profited using smart biosensors, packaging materials, and nanonutraceuticals. Regardless of the immense utilization of nanotechnology in agri-food area, individuals are vague about use in food applications due to suspected potential health dangers and natural concerns. In this paper we have made an attempt to give outline of nanotechnology improvements in agri-food division.

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