Assessment of knowledge and roles of patent medicine vendors in the implementation of national malaria treatment policy in Nigeria

Author : Maxwell Ogochukwu ADIBE, Ebere Emilia AYOGU, Nneka Uchenna IGBOELI

Introduction: Patent Medicine Vendors (PMVs) are the first source of care for both children and adults seeking malaria treatment. This study sought to investigate the knowledge and roles of the PMVs in the implementation of national malaria treatment policy and guidelines. Method: This is a cross sectional survey, simple random technique was employed to select the PMVs and a structured questionnaire was used to retrieve relevant information from 41 PMV residing in Nsukka, Nigeria. Results: About 34.1% of PMVs used artemisinin monotherapies to manage malaria, 24.4% were using ACTs while 9.8% and 29.3% of them were using chloroquine (CQ) and sulfadoxine-pyrimethamine (SP) to manage malaria respectively. The study revealed the knowledge of PMVs in following areas: different antimalarial drugs (80.5%), storage (58.5%), dosage (51.2%), management of complicated malaria (82.9%), management of severe malaria (26.8%), prevention and control of malaria (65.9%) and interpretation of laboratory tests (61.0%). Only 29.3% of the PMVs were involved treatment of malaria after laboratory test. PMVs who had attended training had better knowledge of the guideline and anti-malarial drug. Conclusion: Most of the PMVs had good knowledge of the new National Malaria Treatment Policy, although, this did not translate into correct implementation of the policy and guidelines.

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