Assessment of row wise attention capacity of students to a standard lecture class

Author : Pushpam M, Rajesh M, Arumugam P

Present curriculum in teaching and learning is, focused more on student centered techniques. We believe in, that students sitting in front rows are attentive and girls performing greater than boys. To evaluate whether rows are influential in the listening capacity to a standard lecture class. 124 second MBBS students participated for 2 hours. First one hour was utilized for lecture, 15 minutes for seating, 45 minutes for surprise test, with (MCQs) questionnaire, with rows marked as 1, 2, 3 and up to 9th row. 15 students seated in each row and they need not write their name/roll number for anonymity. Statistical analysis showed, the mean performance by 1st row, when compared with others was not statistically significant (P>0.05), and in between rows were also not significant (P>0.05), except 8th row, which showed significantly lesser achievement (P<0.05). The gender wise analysis was also not statistically significant, boys 3.4 1.4 and girls 3.81.5 (P>0.05). This study has proved that row wise sitting is not influential in the learning capacity of students and performance by boys and girls were more or less similar.

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