Biological Studies of Flavonoids from Flowers and Herb of Zinnia Pauciflora Plant L.

Author : Hemaia M. Motawe, Hend E. Wahba, Abeer Y. Ibrahim

Zinnia pauciflora is a member of family Asteraceae, which contains some bioactive compounds such as flavonoids particularly, flavones and flavonols. Isolation and identification of some flavonoids from herb and yellow flowers as well as effect of the herb crude extract and yellow flowers were studied on liver and kidney functions as well as blood glucose also antimicrobial effect. The main compound in extract of the yellow head flowers is apigenin7-(4-acety)-xyloside, while the main compound, kaempferol-7-glucorhamnoside, was isolated from the extract of the aerial parts (leaves and stems). As for biological studies, the most effective extract against all microorganisms (gram positive and gram negative bacteria, yeast and fungi) was ethyl acetate fraction. On male albino rats, the crude extract of flavonoids from yellow flowers decreased serum creatinine, blood glucose, also ALT, AST and ALP remained in optimum level at all tested doses (0.7g, 1.4g and 2.8g/ Kg body weight/ day/2 weeks).

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