Bioremediation and detoxification of a textile azo dye-metanil orange by bacterial strain PIA-5

Author : S. Aswin kumar, V. Indra, S. Seetharaman, M. Durairasu, S. Vijayanand

Environmental pollution has been recognized as one of the major problems of the modern world. The increasing demand for water and the dwindling supply has made the treatment and reuse of industrial effluents as an attractive option. 6 bacterial isolates, designated as PIA-1 to PIA-6 were found to be effective in decolorizing Metanil Orange. The superior strain with the highest decolourization efficiency was identified as Alkalibacillus Sp strain PIA-5. Dye decolourization of Metanil Orange was found to be maximized after 32 hrs of incubation. Increase in dye concentration was found to be inversely proportional to the decolourization of Metanil Orange. HPLC and FTIR analysis revealed the degradation of the parental dye molecule.

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