Bixa Orenalla: A Review on its Phytochemistry, Traditional and Pharmacological uses

Author : Priyanka Gupta

Bixa orenalla the sindoor plant or Lipstick Tree, belonging to Bixaceae family has phytochemical and pharmacological use. Being native to the tropical American area, various parts of the plant has a variety of constituents. The bixin and other alkaloids present are being used for different medicinal and cosmeceutical uses also. Pharmacological activity proved as studied in in-vitro and in-vivo models reports antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antimalarial, diuretic, hyperglycemic, antidysentric, laxative, as an antidote in snake bite and focusing on treatment and prevention of cancer. It is found safe and effective in various studies performed. Even it is worth noting that most of the works developed with the plant have been produced in tropical America. Special attention should be given by asian scientists to commercialize these historical plant. The published literatures provide information on the origin, chemistry, extraction methods, formulations and toxicological aspects in a quite scattered way. The present review compiles information in the literature that reveals the recent findings on its potential ethanobotanical applications with its Pharmacological and safety aspects.

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