Black Seed (Nigella sativa) Possess Bioactive Compounds Act as Anti-Helicobacter pylori Agent

Author : Saima Tariq, Tariq Masud, Shahina Tariq and Asma Sohail

Gastrointestinal associated problems are physiological processes effects almost every individual at some stage of their life. Among the various plants studied previously Nigella sativa possess numerous therapeutic properties including its anti-ulcer potential. This seed carries significant anti-ulcer properties arbitrated by antimicrobial activities specifically against gastric damage induced by Helicobacter pylori. Evidence is available supporting the utilization of NS and its bioactive components in a daily diet for health improvement. This review is envisioned to emphasis on the curative role of NS and to provide an evidence for being a functional food to protect from a range of malaises. An attempt is also made to emphasize aspects that need further investigations for it to be use in clinics in future.

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