Characterization of phytoconstituents and evaluation of gastrointestinal motility & anticonvulsant activities of Lagerstroemia Speciosalinn (bark)

Author : Nipa Rani Bhowmik, Md. Mizanur Rahman Moghal, Israt Jahan Ira, Md. Shalahuddin Millat, Santanu Barua

Lagerstroemia Speciosalinn is an important medicinal plant for its traditional uses against different types of diseases. Therefore, the present study was conducted to detect possible chemicals (phytoconstituents), prove ethno-medicinal value of the plant, and investigate gastrointestinal motility & anticonvulsant activities of crude methanolic extract barks of the Lagerstroemia Speciosalinn. Phytochemical screening was carried out using different chemical group test methods. Gastrointestinal motility activities of bark extracts were evaluated at two doses (200 and 400 mg/kg) and compared with Castor oil in a normal Saline-induced young Swiss-albino mice. For assessing of anticonvulsant activity INH and Pilocarpine induced convulsions models were used. The phytoconstituent analysis revealed presence of phenols, alkaloids, carbohydrate, glycoside, amino acid. In gastrointestinal motility test, the extarcts of L. Speciosain both concentration of 200 & 400 mg/kg body weight of mice have Anti-gastrointestinal motility activity in comparison with the castor oil. In Pilocarpine-induced, Isoniazid-induced convulsions models 400mg/kg of extract showed significant anti-convulsant activity by delaying the onset of convulsions.

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