Chemical and pharmacological aspects of Limnophila geoffrayi: An update

Author : Dilip Gorai, Rajiv Roy, Atasi Sarkar and Dipak Kumar Roy

The present work offers a review addressing the chemistry and pharmacology of Limnophila geoffrayi Bonati (belonging to Scrophulariaceae family) regarded as one of the most significant plant species in traditional system of medicine. The plant is used traditionally as an antipyretic, expectorant, lactogogue and to prepare a decoction as antidote for detoxification of poisons. Few phytochemical studies have been done so far on this plant. Thirteen chemical constituents have been reported from this plant and crude plant extracts as well as pure phytochemicals are reported to exhibit antimicrobial and antioxidant activities. Exhaustive research regarding isolation of more phytochemicals and pharmacology study on this medicinal plant is still necessary so as to explore the plant regarding its medicinal importance. Therefore, the aim of this review is to boost up present day researchers in this direction to undertake further investigation on this plant to find new ‘lead molecule’ in the ongoing drug discovery programme. The present review covers literature up to August 2014.

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