Comparative study of Cross povidone and Cross Carmellose Sodium to formulate Immediate Release Tablet of Theophylline

Author : Umang Kapila, Rajeev Mishra, Prashant Sharma, Hitesh Chopra, Sandeep Kumar

Oral route of drug administration have wide acceptance up to 50-60% of total dosage forms. Solid dosage forms are popular because of ease of administration, accurate dosage, self-medication, pain avoidance and most importantly the patient compliance. The most popular solid dosage forms are being tablet and capsules. One important drawback of these dosage forms for some patients is the difficulty to swallow. Dysphagia or difficulty in swallowing is common among all age groups. For these reasons, tablets that can rapidly dissolve or disintegrate in the oral cavity have attracted a great deal of attention. Fast disintegration tablets are not only preferable for people who have swallowing difficulties, but also are ideal for active people. In this study formulation of immediate release tablet with two different super disintegrants i.e. Cross Carmellose Sodium and Crosspovidone was carried out to study the disintegrating time of IRTs and various other parameters were also noted down.

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