Continuous bladder drainage following anterior colporraphy-2 versus 4 days- A Randomized Controlled Study

Author : C H Rambabu, N Bhaskar Rao

Catheter drainage of urine is done to reduce the risk of retention of urine postoperatively. Overfilling of the bladder might have a negative impact on the surgical outcome. The aim of the present study was to determine in a randomized controlled trial the incidence of bladder retention after postoperative indwelling catheterization for 2 days versus indwelling catheterization for 4 days. Twenty percent (3) of patients in the 2-day protocol needed temporary catheter replacement compared to none in the 4-day protocol (p < 0.01). Of all patients 80% had uneventful postoperative period, defined as having no post-voiding residual volume more than 200 mL. Based on the results of this study, we advise removing an indwelling catheter after an anterior repair on the fourth day postoperatively to avoid excessive residual urine and retention of urine.

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