Current prospective of magnetically triggered microsphere towards colonic disease: A review

Author : Surender Verma, Neha Khar, Lokesh Sadana

Magnetic microspheres hold great promise for reaching the goal of controlled and site specific drug delivery. Magnetic microspheres are traditional radiation methods which uses highly penetrating radiations that are absorbed throughout the body. These days targeted treatment system are used in many chronic diseases such as cancer, diabetes, nerve damage etc. Chronic Disease is a long lasting condition that can be controlled but not cured. Therefore, the in-vivo targeting of tumors with magnetic microspheres is currently realized through the application of external non-uniform magnetic fields generated by rare-earth permanent magnets or electromagnets. There has been keen interest in the development of a magnetically target drug delivery system. These drug delivery systems aims to deliver the drug at a rate directed by the needs of the body during the period of treatment, and target the activity entity to the site of action. Its use is limited by toxicity and side effects. The aim of the specific targeting is to enhance the efficiency of drug delivery & at the same time to reduce the toxicity & side effects. This paper gives an overview of the mechanism, benefits, drawbacks, preparation and applications of magnetic microspheres.

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