Degradation Kinetic Study of Antipsychotic drug and it’s Chemical Analysis

Author : Aashish D. Nakod, Koshish B. Gabhane, Sonali S. Gadge, Mahesh S. Gadge, Vaishali P. Wasnik, Farah Khan

A simple, precise, accurate Spectrophotometric method was developed & validated for the determination of Lurasidone HCl in bulk & pharmaceutical formulation & its degradation kinetic study & its chemical analysis was done successfully. Beer’s law followed the concentration range of 2 to 55 μg/ml at 315 nm with good co-relation coefficient (r2=1). The % estimation was found to be 98.1% with % RSD 1.75%. The % recovery studies was performed & found to be 99.04% with % RSD 0.6%. Hydrolytic degradation of Lurasidone HCl was carried out by using 1N NaOH, 1N HCl & water was found to be 46.49%, 68.48% & 87.5% respectively. The degradation kinetic was found to be 82% in acidic medium at 800c & 50% in alkaline medium at 80oC.

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