Depression, anxiety, stress in different trimesters of pregnancy: A prospective study

Author : Mohd Imtiyaz Shaikh, Varsha Mane, Qureshi H A, Prabha V, Danasegaran M, Pradeep Kumar Vegi

The present study was undertaken to observe depression, anxiety and stress levels in different trimesters of pregnancy to identify the trimester which is most stressful and suggest adequate management methods for the benefit of pregnant women and off spring. The present study has been conducted in 80 Antenatal patients (20-35 years) who were diagnosed with pregnancy for the first time without any pathology. DASS 42 was used to record depression, anxiety and stress scores. Depression and Anxiety scores were significantly increased in 3rd semester when compared with second. No significant difference was observed in depression and anxiety scores between first and third trimesters. Stress scores significantly decreased in second trimester when compared with first and third trimesters. Significant difference was observed between first and third trimesters also.We have observed first and third trimesters as highly stressful periods. Hence more care and support should be provided to the pregnant women during these trimesters for benefit of both mother and the offspring. We recommend further detailed and multi centre study to understand underlying causes for these stressful trimesters to plan effective methods to limit the depression, anxiety and stress in pregnancy.

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