Design, synthesis and antimicrobial activity of tricyclic tetrahydro thieno [2,3-d] pyrimidine derivatives

Author : Mallikarjun B. Kalashetti, Ashraf Y. Khan, Narahari Deshapande, Ningaraddi S. Belavagi, Manjunath G. Sunagar, Supreet Gaonkar, Imtiyaz Ahmed M. Khazi

Novel tricyclic tetrahydro thienopyrimidines (4a-h) were prepared by a simple synthetic protocol from the corresponding 2-amino-3-cyanothiophenes (1a & 1b). The required precursors were prepared by employing the Gewald reaction. The structures of all the newly synthesized tricyclic thienopyrimidines were established by the spectral and analytical data. The synthesized compounds were screened for their antibacterial and anti fungal activity and some of the compounds have displayed considerable antibacterial and anti fungal activities.

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