Detection and quantification of flavonoids and phenolic acids in leaves of mussaenda glabrata (hook.f.) Hutch. by HPTLC technique

Author : P.K. Aswathi, A. Abarnadevika, A. Rajasekaran, R. Arivukkarasu

Mussaenda glabrata (Hook.f.) Hutch. ex Gamble (Rubiaceae) is traditionally used as diuretic, antiasthmatic, antimicrobial and anti- inflammatory. In this prospective study to evaluate the chromatogram detection of chloroform and ethanol extract of Mussaenda glabrata leaf with standard flavonoid markers such as Rutin, Quercetin and Gallic acid by HPTLC techniques. HPTLC Chromatogram was developed in both the extracts by using Toluene-Ethyl acetate-Formic acid-Methanol (3: 6: 1.6: 0.4) as mobile phase. The identity of the bands of compounds 3-7 in both the extracts of Mussaenda glabrata were estimated by their UV absorption spectra with the standard marker rutin, quercetin, and gallic acid at 254 nm. By comparing with the Rf value of standard antioxidants markers. Quercetin was present in both extracts but ethanol extract contains nearly (0.56 %) when comparing with chloroform extracts, ethanol extract contain comparatively more rutin (0.09%) and gallic acid (0.32). Thus the present study provided a scientific validation for the traditional claims of Mussaenda glabrata revealed the presence flavonoids quercetin, rutin and gallic acid in extracts of Mussaenda glabrata.

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