Detection of human cytomegalovirus pp65 after gene fragmentation by nested PCR

Author : Luma Ghaeb Alsaadi, Dawood Salman Dawood and Sawsan Sajid AL-Jubori

The pp65 capable of modulating the rapid induction of an interferon-like response in cells that follows virus binding and penetration. Two hindered blood samples were obtained from selected pregnant women with history of abortion. There aged ranged from 16 50 year and they were admitted to Baghdad hospitals during the period from February 2014 to July 2014.The primary diagnosis of HCMV was carried out depending on the presence of antibodies against the virus. The results showed that 43/200(21.5%) were IgM & IgG seropositive, and about 26/43(60.5%) of them belong to recurrent aborted women, , after sequencing and phylogenic analysis of the investigated samples the results revealed that15/43(34.8%) of the samples were positive for UL 83. This study aimed to fractionation of the DNA to small fragments by design special primers for detection of UL83.

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