Development and characterization of Nicorandil loaded maltodextrin based proniosomes

Author : Sumaiya Fathima Barveen K M, Elango K, Ramesh Kumar K, Ramprabhu R V

The aim of the study was to develop and characterize Nicorandil proniosomes by slurry method using the non-ionic surfactants like Span60, Brij72 and cholesterol as vesicle forming agents and maltodextrin as a carrier. The prepared proniosomes were evaluated for chemical incompatibility by FT-IR, vesicle size analysis, entrapment efficiency, in vitro drug release and in vitro drug release kinetics. Formulation was optimized based upon the entrapment efficiency and in vitro drug release. The optimized proniosomal formulation FP3 containing Span60 exhibited prolonged release profile. Fickian diffusion mechanism was observed with the FP3 which was due to the sustained release property.

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