Dose related CNS acting potential of Tamarindus Indica

Author : Afshan Siddiq, Dur-e-Shahnaz Shafi, Rahela Najam, Iqbal Azhar , Sadia Ghousia Baig

Mental disorders tend to co-exist together and anxiety is likely to co-morbid with depression. The aim of this study is to discover a safe and natural herbal source of remedy with minimum side effects in the form of Tamarindus indica. As rodents are neuro-anatomically and neuro-pharmacologically parallel to human, so Tamarindus indica was administered orally in 3 different doses of 50mg/kg, 75mg/kg and 100mg/kg to 3 different groups of mice having equal sex distribution and n=7 for 21 days. The CNS acting potential evaluated by behavioral responses, head dip method, cage crossings and force induced swimming test. The results revealed that Tamarindus indica is a potent anxiolytic agent even at low dose of 50mg/kg without sedative effects but showing low mood and week muscle tone whereas dose dependent antidepressant activity was also seen which is prominent at the high dose of 100mg/kg showing CNS alertness, elevation of mood, increase in learning behavior and overall improved performance of mice.

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