Effect of Ocimum sanctum on Noise Stress Induced Changes in the Membrane Bound Enzymes of Albino Rats in Brain

Author : Gayathri Fathima I, Sheela Devi R

Ocimum sanctum [OS] was selected for this study to understand its efficacy on the membrane bound enzymes of brain during noise exposure. In this study, wistar strain albino rats were divided into the four groups, control, OS, noise stress [100 dB/4h/ d] and noise stress+OS and treated. After 15 days of incubation to noise stress, estimation of Sodium [Na+] Potassium [K+], Magnesium [Mg2+] and Calcium [Ca2+] Adenosine Tri Phosphatases [ATPases] were carried out to determine the changes in the membrane bound enzymes [MBEs] of brain. Administration of the ethanolic extract of OS had a normalizing action on membranes of the cell and controlled the alteration of MBE due to noise stress in noise stress+OS group. In conclusion treatment with OS prevented the decrease in the levels of MBEs

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