Effect of abiotic elicitation in some secondary compounds of callus Nerium oleander

Author : Alaa Jabbar Taha

Methanol extract of callus had high concentration of secondary metabolites concentration compared to leaves extract. Neritaloside compound concentration was significantly increasing at 0.5 mg /l concentration of KNO3, reaching to (383.45μg/ml) and the highest concentration significantly of Oleandrin was (362.85μg/ml) at 1.5 mg /l concentration of KNO3. Add CdCl2 at 2.5 mg/l lead to increase Neritaloside and Oleandrin significantly were reaching (131.61, 329.29μg/ml), respectively. Treatment by KNO3 and CdCl2 at all concentration led to decrease the fresh and dry weight of callus significantly.

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