Effect of some elicitors on chemicals composition for Nigella sativa callus cultures

Author : Mona Mohamed Ibrahim, Nermeen Mohamed Arafa, Mohamed Ahmed Matter

Callus culture from leaf explants of Nigella sativa was used to study the effect of silver nitrate (AgNO3) and salicylic acid (SA) at 0.5mM as elicitor compounds on the chemical composition of N. sativa for two and four days. Total fatty acids and fatty acid esters increased with AgNO3 addition for two days represent 29.73% of total constituents, while essential oils constituents were enhanced by salicylic acid addition for two days represent 79.31% of total constituents. These elicitors (AgNO3 and SA) proved to be good elicitor compounds to increase secondary metabolites (fatty acids and essential oil) in N. sativa callus culture.

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