Effectiveness of Attai Vidal (leech therapy) on Naala Vibatha Karappan (stasis eczema)

Author : S. Lalitha, V. Anavarathan, V. Mahalakshmi, D. Periyasami, N. J. Muthukumar, V. Banumathi

Siddha Medicine is unique system of medicine in the Indian subcontinent and some other Asian countries of the globe. Based on Siddha medicine, diseases are classified in to 4448. Ailments could be treated by Internal medicine and also by External therapies. Treatment methods have been classified as 32 types of Internal medicine and 32 types of External therapies. Attai vidal (Leech application) is one of the external therapy, which comes under the classification of bloodletting. According to Siddha Medicine leech therapy is used for various diseases like skin diseases, Haemorrhoids, alopecia, varicose ulcer, wounds and etc. Hiruda medicinalis species of medicinal leech is used for this study. Effectiveness of medicinal leech therapy for relieving the Naala vibatha karappan (stasis eczema) is both mechanical and biological while leech application removes some of toxins accumulated in local parts of the body. Recent researches on leech saliva revealed that, presence of nearly 100 biologically active compounds such as hirudin, hyaluronidase and etc. Its saliva contains the properties of anticoagulant, analgesic, increasing blood flow and etc. Stasis eczema otherwise called gravitational dermatitis is causing when a problem with circulation in the veins, generally in the lower legs. 10 OPD patients were included in the study under the clinical symptoms of stasis eczema. The outcome of the study is evaluated by the EASI Score. It shows significance improvements between before and after treatment.

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