Emerging role of herbal drugs in the management of diabetes mellitus

Author : Harsimran Singh, Jagdeep Kaur, Nitish Kumar, MU Khan

Diabetic mellitus and associated complications are the foremost reason of morbidity and mortality in word wide. Insulin therapy and oral hypoglycemic agents are currently employed to treat patients with diabetic mellitus, but these agents are considered to be inadequate to control the DM and progression into its complications such as diabetic nephropathy, diabetic retinopathy, diabetic neuropathy etc. Therefore, the role of various herbal preparations and their active phytoconstituents has been shown to treat DM with advantages such as lesser adverse effects, toxic effects, low cost and great potential to treat disorder. In the present status around 400 experimentally established medicinal plants having anti-diabetic property out of which detailed mechanism of anti diabetic is on hand only for about 100. In the present editorial, we have discussed the novel therapeutic role of some important herbal drugs along with active phytoconstituents in preventing the pathogenesis of diabetic mellitus patient.

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