Estimation and Investigation of Antimicrobial Activity of 5-methyl Acetyl Salicylic Acid against Two Pathogenic Fungi

Author : Abbas D. Matter Al- Maliki, Sanaa Q. Badr, Sattar J. Ahmed Al- Salman, Ihsan A. Mkashaf Al- Asadi

The current research was carried out to estimate and investigate the antimicrobial activity of phenolic compound represented by 5- methyl acetyl salicylic acid. Six concentrations of this acid were applied for measurement of antifungal activity are 25,50,75,100,150,and 170 mg/ml where they showed inhibition zone diameters equal to 19,21,28,29,35and 40mm against Candida albicans fungus and the same concentrations recorded inhibition zone diameters equal to 15,23,26,30,40,and 55 mm against Aspergillus sp. Fungus . So this carboxylic acid is considered as an active chemical compound and it can be used as a synthetic drug to treat several various diseases caused by these pathogenic fungi but this work demands further clinical and pharmaceutical researches.

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