Ethnomedicinal survey of availability distribution and utilization of traditionally used medicinal plants of Kanyakumari district

Author : Sterlin Raj T, Edal Kuvin J, Asha K.R.T, Mohammed A. Almalki, Puspharaj A, Raubbin R.S

Plants as medicines are traditionally practiced throughout Kanyakumari as a custom based privilege. It has gained huge popularity in modern society as natural alternatives to produce more therapeutics applications for curing diseases. The present study aims to investigate the distribution and availability of medicinal plants throughout the district in the current scenario and to know their Phytochemical and antimicrobial cocktails. Over 160 traditionally valuable plants belonging to 85 families were studied through field trips, personnel interview and questionnaire methods. The plants collected were identified by a botanist and a herbarium collection was maintained. Random selection of plants exhibits good antibacterial and antifungal properties that are being used to cure skin lesions, oral medicine, oils, diabetes, pain relief and cancer treatment. It is evident that several biomolecules isolated from plants are used as target based medicines today in the drug market. The chronological list of medicinal plants present here provoke key to researchers for the development of target based drugs for combating diseases.

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