Evaluation of Babassu oil as skin moisturizer

Author : Deepak Dhanraj Wasule, Sunita Yogesh Nawandar, Harsahiba Kaur

Moisturizers are among the most commonly used cosmetic product in everyday life. The characteristics of an ideal moisturizer are: hydrating the stratum coneum and decrease trans-epidermal water loss thus increases in smoothness and softness of skin. This helps for the restoration of the lipid barrier and enhances the skinís natural moisture retention mechanism. The natural ingredients are added to product to enhance the moisturizing activity of the cosmetic products as they are considered to be safe and popular too. In present study babassu oil (BBO) obtained from kernels of hard shelled nuts of Orbingyaoleifera tree found in Brazil is used to formulate emulsions. Physical and chemical properties of babassu oil were evaluated like acid value, saponification value, iodine value, peroxide value etc. The emulsions were prepared with 2%,3%,4%,7% and 10% concentrations by weight of BBO . The stability parameters were assessed for shelf-life prediction of the formulations. Further instrumental analysis of the above emulsions were carried out by applying on the subjects and evaluating by Corneometer; comparing moisturizing property of various emulsions to placebo. Average and standard deviation of this set of data, (Av Ī SD) was used to conclude the moisturizing activity of BBO in stipulated time.

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