Evaluation of antifungal, insecticidal and phytotoxic activities of stem wood of Millettia ovalifolia

Author : Taj Ur Rahman, Khanzadi Fatima Khattak and Wajiha Liaqat

In the current study, the stem wood of Millettia ovalifolia was evaluated for antifungal, insecticidal and phytotoxic activities. The results revealed that all the fractions showed no antibacterial activity against the tested bacterial strains. In case of antifungal activity, only ethyl acetate (EA) and chloroform (C) fractions exhibited minimum inhibitory concentration both at 500 g/ml against Microsporum canis. The results of insecticidal activity reveled that ethyl acetate and chloroform fractions were effective against Tribolium castaneum, Rhyzopertha dominica and Callos bruchuanalis. The phytotoxicity data showed that all the fractions affected the growth of lemna minor at the concentration level of 500 g/ml. The ethyl acetate (EA) and chloroform (C) fractions were found biologically active. These fractions should be further investigated for potential antifungal, insecticidal and phytotoxic compounds.

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