Evaluation of different diagnostic tests in respect to Diazo test against typhoid in Indian population

Author : Ranbeer Kumar Singh, Farhan Usmani, Deepak Kushwaha, S.S. Haque, Mussarat Perween, Sweta Kumari, Md. Tanweeruddin, Tarique Aziz, B.K. Singh

Typhoid fever is an important health issue in developing countries like India and its diagnosis is also difficult. Widal test is commonly used in developing countries for the diagnosis of typhoid. The main aim of this study was to compare the result of Widal test, blood culture and to evaluate efficacy of Diazo test in the diagnosis of typhoid fever. Blood samples were collected from 90 febrile patients with symptoms clinically similar to typhoid fever and Blood culture was used to isolate S.typhi and S.paratyphi. Slide agglutination test and tube agglutination tests were used for the determination of antibody titer. Total Ninety patientsí participants 40 (44.4%) were females and 50 (55.5%) were males. The total number of patients who have indicative of recent infection by either of O and H antigens Widal test is 60 (66.6%). Out of 90 suspected enteric fever patients, 55(61.11%) patients were positive for Diazo test. As far as blood culture was concerned total 50 (55.5%) cases were reported positive. In our study, Diazo test had more sensitivity than blood culture but less specificity. So for the quick diagnosis of enteric fever cases, as a bedside screening method, it can be used as an adjuvant testing method to conventional blood culture and widal test for diagnosis of enteric fever.

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