Evaluation of drug-drug interactions in the prescription dispensed at retail pharmacies

Author : Imran Suheryani, Muhammad Ali Ghoto, Abdullah Dayo, Hina Saleem, Muhammad Younis Laghari, Marvi Baloch

Drug Interactions is main issue of Health care system. This study was conducted to identify the nature and rate of occurrence of drug-drug interaction in prescriptions dispensed at retail pharmacies in Hyderabad, Pakistan. In this study the total 723 handwritten prescriptions were collected and from that only 630 clearly written prescription containing two or more than two medications were selected for analysis. Drug-drug interactions (DDIs) were detected by using the specially designed drug interaction checkers and detected interactions further confirmed by the Thomson Micromedex Health Care Series 2, British national formulary 63, Stockleys Drug Interaction checker. Out of total 630 prescriptions, 164 prescriptions (i-e 26%) of all the prescriptions contained 233 drug-drug interactions. Interactions then categorized on the basis of severity. On the basis of severity from the total 233 interaction, 26 (11%) of total interactions were of major type, 134 (58%) of total interactions were of moderate type and remaining 73 (31%) interactions were of minor type. Our study resulted that the prescriptions dispensed at retail pharmacies contained a high rate of drug-drug interactions. So an appropriate surveillance system must be implemented, physician and pharmacist must remain vigilant in investigation of drug-drug interactions to prevent adverse drug reaction.

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