Evaluation of the Knowledge and Practice of Pharmaceutical Care among Hospital Pharmacists in Secondary and Tertiary Hospitals in Lagos State, Nigeria

Author : Eniojukan J Funsho and Onedo O Titilayo

Pharmaceutical care is the contemporary pharmacy practice worldwide. This study assessed and compared the extent of involvement of pharmacists in secondary and tertiary health institutions in Lagos State, Nigeria with the provision of pharmaceutical care. A cross sectional study was carried out involving 252 hospital pharmacists. Data obtained was analysed with SPSS V20. About 20% of respondents had obtained an additional qualification; 19% had worked for a period of 5-10 years. Almost 90% of the pharmacists had sound knowledge of the pharmaceutical care philosophy; over 60% went on ward rounds at least once a week; 64.8% conducted medication interviews. There was a correlation between respondentsí category and extent of participation in ward rounds, counselling in-patients, having access to patient records and provision of drug consult to members of the health team. Pharmacists in Lagos State had adequate knowledge of pharmaceutical care practice which got better as they spent more years in hospital practice and with additional relevant qualifications. Comparatively, pharmacists in tertiary hospitals performed significantly better than those in secondary hospitals. An enabling environment should be provided for the pharmacists in the secondary institutions so as to encourage more involvement in the provision of pharmaceutical care to patients.

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