Formulation and evaluation of topical nano emulgel of adapalene

Author : M. Rahil G. Bhura, Khushboo A. Bhagat and Samir K. Shah

The aim of the present research work is to decrease the systemic side effects and to create a more pronounced effect of Nano emulgel of Adapalene with lower doses of the drug. Nano Emulgel emerged as one of the most interesting topical drug delivery system as it has dual release control system. Also the stability of emulsion is increased when it is incorporated into gel. The Nano emulgel was developed using polymers like carbopol 934 (1:1) of gel and emulsion. Drug-excipients interaction was characterized by FTIR studies. The Nano emulgel was prepared by preparing emulsion and gel separately and incorporation emulsion into the gel. The emulgel was evaluated for their physical appearance, pH evaluation, Spreadability, rheological study, drug content, in-vitro permeation study and accelerated stability study. After all evaluation it can be concluded that Adapalene emulgel could increase the drug permeability across the membrane and fast release of the drug could be achieved successfully.

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