Formulation and in-vitro evaluation of pH responsive mini-tablets for nadolol colonic drug delivery system

Author : Ramakrishna Reddy Voggu, Ravi Teja

In the present examination a novel colon explicit medication conveyance arrangement of an Anti-Hypertensive medication is Nadolol, for treatment of constant cardiovascular diseasess like Heart attack, abrupt increments in pulse was created. Smaller than usual tablets of Nadolol were set up by wet granulation method utilizing lattice shaping regular polymers like gelatin, Guar gum and Xanthum gum in blend with various extents (F1-F13). The further impact of enteric coat on the small scale tablets for colon explicit medication release was researched. The Nadolol improved lattice definition F7 shows medication discharge around 32.37±0.33% in 2 hrs. So it was further enteric covered with Eudragit S100 in total proportion and defined the definitions from F14-F17.Apart from F14 indicated ideal medication discharge after 24 hrs. All details were exposed to Hardness test, Friability test, assurance of uniform measurement and thickness, sedate substance for streamlining and further assessment. In vitro disintegration studies uncovered that the medication discharge in upper piece of GIT from grid tablets of Nadolol can be averted by enteric covering with pH touchy polymer (Eudragit®S100), which discharges the medication explicitly in colonic area to accomplish target conveyance.

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