Formulation development and in vitro evaluation of immediate release tablets of zolpidem tartrate

Author : Shaik Asha Begum, G. Visweswara Rao, K. Narendra Kumar Reddy, B. Chandra Sekhar Reddy

Zolpidem Tartarate belongs to class II drugs, that is, characterized by low solubility and high permeability therefore, the enhancement of its solubility and dissolution profile is expected to significantly improve its bioavailability and reduce its side effects. The pre-compression blend of Zolpidem Tartarate soild dispersions were characterized with respect to angle of repose, bulk density, tapped density, Carrís index and Hausnerís ratio. The pre-compression blend of all the batches indicates well to fair flowability and compressibility. Solid dispersions were prepared with various concentrations of carriers, the prepared solid dispersions were compressed into tablets. The formulated tablets were evaluated for various quality control parameters. The tablets were passed all the tests. Among all the formulations F2 formulation containing, Drug and β cyclodextrin in the ratio of 1:2 showed good result that is 97.06 % in 20 minutes. Hence from the dissolution data it was evident that F2 formulation is the better formulation .By conducting further studies like Invivo studies, preclinical and clinical studies we can commercialize the product.

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