Haemostatic efficacy: Exploration of Azadirachta indica Bark

Author : Janhavi A. Bhagwat and Sadhana S. Vishwakarma

The haemostatic potential of alcoholic extracts of Azadirachta indica bark has been evaluated systematically. An attempt has been made to elucidate the modes of action of the cold and hot alcoholic extracts, using platelet aggregation test, prothrombin time test, activated partial thromboplastin time test and whole blood clotting for a range of concentrations. HPTLC fingerprint of alcoholic bark extract has been obtained as a quality control parameter. Presence of tannins and saponins in the extract of bark has been confirmed by HPTLC profiling. These metabolites are known to help in clot formation. The study indicates that alcoholic bark extract of Azadirachta indica can be used effectively as an excellent topical haemostatic agent.

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