Hepatoprotective medicinal plants of Siddha A review

Author : Ponniahsamy G, Shree Devi M S, Vasudevan R and Muralidass S D

Siddha medicine one among the traditional medicine have become increasingly popular and their use is wide spread. Siddha medicines are the first line of treatment in liver diseases for a long time. A number of herbal prescriptions are available in the market. The present review is aimed at compiling data on promising phytochemicals from medicinal plants that have been tested in hepatotoxicity models using modern scientific system. Excessive drug therapy, environmental pollutants, hepatic cancer and alcoholic intoxicants are the main causes of liver disorders. More efforts are to be directed towards methodological scientific evaluation for their safety and efficacy by subjecting to vigorous preclinical studies followed by clinical trials to unravel the mysteries hidden in plants. This review article is attempted to compile reported hepatoprotective plants in Siddha system of medicine and the Siddha formulations employed to cure liver disorders.

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