How Pharmacists Deal With Pain: Knowledge and Skill

Author : Werlissandra Moreira de Souza, Divaldo Pereira de Lyra Júnior, Leonardo Rigoldi Bonjardim, Wellington Barros da Silva

The pharmaceutical profession involves clinical situations requiring knowledge and skills on how to deal with patient in the community pharmacy. However, there is little specific information on the quality of pharmaceutical attendance for patients with pain. Thus, this study aimed to evaluate the knowledge and skills of pharmacists of a Brazilian Northeastern pharmacy network, on dealing with headache patients and their performance against the problem-situation presented. The rationality of therapeutic recommendations was assessed based on the opinion of the specialists and on a specific pharmaceutical management protocol. Only 16.7 % of the pharmacists selected the appropriate drug, 4.2 % provided non-pharmacological guidelines and 66.7 % of the professionals did not attain patient requirements or were considered incomplete (16.7 %) or inappropriate (16.7 %). The survey revealed that pharmacists did not met the needs of the patient or did not guided for the resolution of their problem or even performed in an incomplete or inadequate way.

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