Human taste testing and evaluation of the physicochemical properties of fine granules of sodium cromoglycate in commercial drug products

Author : Yutaka Inoue, Toru Iwasaki, Kensuke Suzuki, Sujimon Tunvichien, Isamu Murata, Ikuo Kanamoto

The purposes of this research were to assess palatability based on human taste testing and to evaluate physicochemical properties of sodium cromoglycate fine granules [a brand-name (CGNa-A) and two generics (CGNa-B and CGNa-C)]. From the results of the human taste testing for the taste evaluation, significant variation in roughness were observed between CGNa-A and CGNa-C and between CGNa-B and CGNa-C. Further, evaluate physicochemical properties, CGNa-A and CGNa-B showed significant difference in solubility. Average granule sizes of CGNa-A, CGNa-B and CGNa-C were of 305.2, 386.6 and 147.2 m, respectively. In addition, CGNa-B contained granules with smooth surface compared with the two others. CGNa-C had a briefer period of dissolution compared with the other 2 formulations. Further, the repose angle of CGNa-B showed a large. The near infrared measurements, three formulations showed almost the identical absorption spectrum. In conclusion, current results revealed differences in the palatability and physicochemical properties of the three sodium cromoglycate formulations and a correlation between human taste testing results and physicochemical properties of the products was noted.

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