Hypothesis – life style derangement is the basic and foremost cause behind all the diseases

Author : Dr. Nishi Arora and Dr. Nidhi Shrivastav

Lifestyle disorders are prevalent in most developed and developing societys on this planet. These are the ailments that primarily arise due to problems in day to day habits of people like late-night sleeping, reduced physical activity; pushes them towards sedentary lifestyle. Though Diabetes and Hypertension are popularly known as lifestyle disorders, nearly every disease is related to lifestyle derangement in daily routine. A popular verse, mentioned in this paper, from Charak Samhita (Ayurveda), supports this claim and explains the basic idea behind it. It concludes that regular intake of proper diet, careful balanced exercise and following the behavioral tips scrupulously stated in Ayurvedic literature can prevent most of the diseases. Further experimental researches can be recommended to obtain evidence in this regard.

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