Immunogenetic and Bacteriological Study of Acute Otitis Media and Tonsillitis among Children Patients

Author : Abbas Zeki Mehdi, Hammadi A. Al-Hilali, Mohammed Sh. Jebur

A total of 200 specimens (105 males and 95 females) were included (100) swabs of otitis media and (100) swabs of tonsillitis. These swabs were obtained from patients consulted to different hospitals of Baghdad city during the period from 6 February 2014 to 18 May 2014. There were 27(27%) positive isolates for Strep. pyogenes, which obtained from patients with age ranged from less than 5.5 years, who suffered from tonsillitis and ear infection. The phenotypic characterizations of twenty seven isolates (27%) of Strep. pyogenes, which were obtained, showed characteristics colony morphology when cultured on different agar plates, microscopic appearance and biochemical tests. Also these results of isolation and identification were confirmed by API 20 Strep test and VITEK 2 card 2GN (Biomeriux company, France). Results of molecular detection of Streptokinase as a virulence factor of Strep. pyogenes, which is responsible for disrupt host cell structures, showed that 20(74.1%) Strep. pyogenes isolates of tonsillitis infection and otitis media were positive except 7(25.9%) isolates were negative on 1.5% agarose gel. with highly significant differences (P<0.01). The size was 1322 bp of the DNA ladder (100-1500bp). While PAM gene SF1 detection from Strep. pyogenes isolates were amplified by PCR using specific forward and reverse primers were revealed that 20 Strep. pyogenes isolates of tonsillitis infection were negative 18(90%) except 2(10%) isolates were positive. Seven isolates from otitis media cases presented 6(85.7%) isolates had negative results except 1(14.3%) showed positive result on 1.5% agarose gel as a result of PCR reaction, the size of the 1322bp of the DNA ladder (100-1500bp).

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